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The Beauty Of Margilan In Arts
Word and melody are twins. These two concepts can not be detached from each other, instead they both are closely interconnected. In this sense, the folklore art, which comes from the combination of words and music, is a golden element of our culture which has a long history. It is only a rare thing to feel the delight of folklore.
The “Great Silk Road” international conference in Margilan will be the first folklore forum in Uzbekistan. Thus, the event is being staged for the first time, inspired by folklore art samples. The city’s “Chodirjamol” ensemble is actively getting prepared for demonstrating how the traditions of folklore are preserved in Fergana, in particular, in Margilan. The folklore ensemble, which has been operating for over 30 years, has its rich repertoire, dynamic tones, rare tunes, and dance musicians.
The Silk Road is a place where many artists have come to life and grow up. From history, it is clear that Margilan’s fans, singers, musicians and dancers have won the reputation of our people. It is enough to mention the names of the lapar and dance leaders such as Yusufjon and Akhun, Usmon kori master of Music, Mamatbuva Hafiz, Usta Olim Komilov, Jurakhon Sultonov, Mamurjon Uzoqov, Saodat Kobulova, Tamarakhonim, Mukarrama Turgunbayeva. Each of them is one of the most prominent artists of Uzbekistan, who has created a new era in traditional Uzbek singing, folk art, bright, sweet, attractive and impressive voice, unique epic heritage. In this sense, many years of experience and achievements have been spread not only in the valley, but also in the country.
Over the past period, the ensemble has been a good teacher. They worked diligently on the tradition of previous masters through tune and lapars. Participants of the Independence and Navruz celebrations in the capital Tashkent’s Chodirjamol Ensemble was one of the first achievements of the team at the international arena of the Ukrainian ethnographic community in Kyiv. In addition, the ensemble won the 2002 festival of folklore ethnographic groups “Boysun bahori”, which was initiated by UNESCO. In 2011, the team was honored as a laureate of the Asrlar Sadosi Festival of Culture and Arts. They also successfully participated in the international music festival Sharq Taronalari in Samarkand.
Margilan is famous for its fruitful gardens, activities at the educational institutions, and even nights. Everyone waits impatiently for “Chadorikamol”. Along with such prominent singers as Alimjan Ohanov, Valisher Yuldashev, Muhammadjon Nazarov, Inomjon Ahmedov, Kimyokhon Shermatova, Ziyodahon Shermatova, Pokizakhon Saidakbarova, Akbarkhan Akbarov, Murodil Yusupov, Abdugani Akhunov, Abdullo Abdurakhmanov are singing in Margilan’s delicate art. The quest team is happy to announce the guests of the festival with the artistic program “Sharq Bazaar”. So far, the team that has been dedicated to the harvest season, called “Navruz,” and “Marghilan Atlas”, has also enriched the program “Sharq Bazaar” with its unique features. The first characteristic of Margilan is its craftsmen, says the ensemble’s director Diloromkhan Sultanova. – From this, we can see the artistic appearance of dancers, horsemen, cousins and other artists. Margilan’s dearest artists are also composed of such teachers as Yusufjon, Tamara Khanum and Mamurjon Uzoqov. The preparation of this tough program really requires responsibility. Each member of the team works with the heart. Particularly, our musician Muhammadjon Nazarov has a great job in creating the program. I think that after our hard and creative work will appeal to our people and foreign guests. People’s songs are classic and sinister, deeply rooted in centuries-old folk songs.
The ancient folklore patterns show the hearts of people , express their love of the people, their love for the soul, their loyalty to the land. At the “Great Silk Road” festival, Margilan’s team will be delighted with their national, elegant and beautiful songs. It is clear from the success stories that Chodirjmol is still appealing.