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In Margilan, preparations for the festival is taking dynamic pace. At this international festival, foreign and local tourists take part in the exhibitions of craftsman, visit historical sites, museums and sightseeing attractions of the city. There is also being organized a public concert.

Margilan’s Chodirjamol folklore team is also preparing for the event. Ancient “lapars” (group songs) are being created in the harmony of modernism for the festival. Folklore teams who have successfully participated in the festival will be awarded.

The event is expected to be attended by more than 500 foreign guests, more than 1,500 guests from all regions of Uzbekistan.

One of the main objectives of the international conference is to promote advocacy. The has been registered and started its work on the Internet. The sights in the city are regularly placed in 3D format

A press center has been established in connection with the festival. There were opportunities for experienced journalists, bloggers and photographers to clarify details of the event and pre-election processes.

Silk city – Margilan invites visitors!

Madaminjon SOLIJONOV.